Going Green Means Going towards the Trans Mountain Pipeline...

One of the most important issues worldwide is climate change and its impact. Many parties agree to some level that climate change is a real issue. Many people agree that one of the important issues in canada is the expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline and people agree that investing in the pipeline would cause a massive carbon footprint but in reality it might reduce our carbon footprint significantly. The Trans Mountain Pipeline would cost around 7 Billion in construction. This is significantly less than the Green Party of Canada’s plan, around 10 times less to be exact. Elizabeth May’s alternative is a full rework of Canada’s economic system promising more green jobs and less impact of a carbon footprint. But in reality 70 billion in mining, construction is going to pollute the Earth even more than the pipeline would. There is simply no time for the Green party to fully rebuild infrastructure by 2030. The pipeline however is less ambitious and could be put together in less time and contribute more of an economic impact, reducing oil spills, bringing new jobs to Canada, and improve international trade relations with the exporting of oil. Replacing Canada’s system of transporting oil by train is a crucial step to stopping oil spills and obtaining a greener vancouver. The Pipeline may also prevent an oil crisis from happening as Saudi Arabia has recently suffered from an oil crisis.

Many may be unsure why Elizabeth May’s plan can cause such a big carbon footprint but a 70 billion dollar price tag would demand a large quantity of materials that requires extensive mining and drilling. Also remember that the machines used to build these greener infrastructure run on natural gas too. Compare to a pipeline thats cost 10 times less.

Since 1956 the Trans Mountain industry has not had a single spillage involving tankers. Building docks and ships would remove the need for constant maintenance of tracks and reduce spillage to almost 0 percent. The trains are also unable to match the efficiency of carrying heavier products in the same time frame.

Many indigenous people are also affected in building the pipeline as well as their rightful territories are being used for construction purposes. The Trans Mountain company has acknowledged this problem and a lot of the holes and machines being placed are only temporary and would be moved after the pipeline is finished. A compensation for indigenous people will be given.