What are the People’s Party Going To Do About Climate Change? Absolutely Nothing...

One of the biggest issues in canada and the entire world is the threat of climate change and running out of natural resources. Recently a new party has made an appearance called the People’s Party Of Canada. They believe in a strong economy helping everyone not just special interest groups. They also believe in a free market to help create competition and give everyone a fair chance in the influence of supply and demand. However the people's party don't see climate change as an actual issue putting climate change in their last priorities. Their plan of a better economy involves a total reform and their plans might take up to years or maybe even decades. Only after is the threat of climate change actually acknowledged but they wont do anything for climate change. In an interview conducted by Black News Maxime Bernier himself said: “Once the economy is figured out the people would sort out the environment” September 13 2019, What Bernier means is that people would make the individual choice to contribute to fighting climate change. Even though they are called the people's party they aren't actually going to listen to the people.

It is a fact that BC’s most major air polluters are way out of people's control. Oil and Gas plants are the single biggest air polluters in BC meaning that even if you drive an electric car and use composted materials you aren’t doing anything to help the environment. No matter what you do you will always leave a carbon footprint from the foods you eat to the car you drive.